Bingham Goes To D.C.

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Picture this: A trip to our nation's capitol - that frames lessons and captures the imagination.

(Cg: Dr. Freya rivers, principal, bingham elementary school)
Dr. Freya Rivers, principal for Bingham Elementary School, says, "Our students are very, very poor. So a lot times, many of our students don't get the chance to leave their neighborhood let alone the city or state of Michigan."

But a bus ride that started in Lansing and coasted into Washington, D.C. Changed that for a group of bingham elementary school students.

No textbooks in sight. Just history in front of their eyes.

"It's just amazing to me," says Michael Lizaire, a student at Bingham.

This trip to Washington is more than just sightseeing. It's about giving a young audience new experiences.

Principal Rivers says, "Without the knowledge of the existence of things around them, there are no possibilities for the future. Without those possibilities, they couldn't even dream of what they could become. So what we're trying to do is expose them so it will broaden their abilities to dream of the possibilities that are there for them for life."

So a visit to the capitol, a stop at the white house, a quick break for ice cream, and the Washington monument in a "snap" shows…

"Life offers them lots of potentials," says Rivers.

A lesson these kids can remember wherever they go.

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