Art Fest Winners

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The East Lansing Art Fest has announced the winners of 2007.
They are:

-Anthony Petraitis, Raymond King Painting Award
-Robert Coleman, Delphi Best Of Glass Award
-Lee Rentz, C.T. Chan Photography Award
-Nathan Grubrich, East Lansing Art Galleries Best Of Show Award
-Loretta Petraitis, Diamond Award (Painting)
-Christopher Farah, Purchase Award (Photography)
-Renee Hartig, Student Book Store Purchase Award (Painting)
-Molly Strader, Award Of Excellence (Jewelry)
-Benjamin Frey, Festival Award (2D Mixed Media)
-Jerry Krider, Campus Towne Mall Award (Wood)
-Kathleen Willer, Financial Technologies Award (Painting)
-Kendra Krumpe, Warmels And Comstock Award (Fiber)
-Dario Navia Pohl, Williams Auto World Award (Leather)
-Jeanmarie Petro, Bob and Nancy Metzger Honorary Award (Jewelry)
-Steve Vachon, Shirley Minarchin Honorary Award (Ceramics)
-Flynn Sochon, Ed and Nancy Dixon Honorary Award (Ceramics)
-Mary Lou Hess, Tim Knight Honorary Award (Prints)
-Chester Winowiecki, Debbie And Chris Horak Honorary Award (Instruments).

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