MSU Prepares for Convocation Speaker

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Michigan State University staff is checking security and finalizing last minute details all in preparation for its highly publicized, high profile convocation speaker.

Dr. Condoleeza Rice, President Bush's National Security Advisor, will be addressing soon to be graduates at the Breslin Center during the 1 p.m. convocation ceremony Friday afternoon. As expected, Rice's visit has prompted extra security from the Secret Service and from MSU Police. It's not only for safety inside of the building, but also for activities anticipated outside of the building.

Terry Denbow, University Relations, says he's been told there will be protests, but he doesn't expect a disruption. Scott Breckner, Breslin Center Director, says everybody is subject to a search, and there will be close scrutiny of the gates as people enter the Breslin Center.

If you are attending the event, Breckner says, leave backpacks, packages, and large bags at home, but small purses are okay. You can bring a camera since picture taking is allowed, but weapons, alcohol, food, noise makers, helium balloons, signs, and banners are not permitted. Everyone is subject to a search, although Breslin Center staff has not been told if metal detectors will be used.

The Convocation Ceremony starts at 1 p.m. at the Breslin Center, doors open at 11 a.m. The event is free to the public, and parking is permitted near the Breslin Center, in Spartan Stasium lots and in corner lots on campus.