LCC & Lansing Township Dispute

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$15 million dollars in property taxes is in the balance as Lansing Community College and Lansing Township continue their legal battle for the money, and now state senators are putting pressure for both to settle the dispute.

Through a 1976 development act, Lansing Township says they can use some property tax money to help fund business development. That development could include building and updating roads, sidewalks, and streets. It would mean more jobs and tax revenue for the township and state of Michigan.

LCC lays claim to the same money, saying the $15 million should instead be spent for educational purposes like teachers and new courses.

State lawmakers have drafted a letter to both parties hoping to accelerate the legal process. The letter calls the business development act the township is using "outdated."

The letter also asks for a prompt and mutual agreement.

Lansing Township has offered a compromise, agreeing to take $3.5 of the $15 million.