Crossing Guard Training

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Carrying stop signs and dressed in neon orange traffic vests, nearly 100 mid-Michigan residents trained to become crossing guards for the upcoming school year.

Guards learned how to escort children across the street safely, but they advise kids to look both ways and be aware of their surroundings before they cross.

Police officers say people who don't stop for a crossing guard or a school bus with blinking red stop lights could receive a traffic ticket and face misdemeanor penalties.

In light of the highly publicized nationwide kidnappings, safety experts were also on hand at the training session. They say regardless of a child's age, parents should not allow their child to stay at home alone after school if the child doesn't feel comfortable.

Safety experts say parents can sign their children up for after school programs. They say kids should also walk to and from school with groups of other children, and kids should not take short cuts.

Experts also suggest parents make sure their children know emergency contact numbers and the names and addresses of trustworthy neighbors, in case they need help.