Preliminary Hearing Set for Holey

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A woman charged with helping her son commit suicide will appear in court next month.

A preliminary hearing for Kathleen Holey is scheduled for Sept. 11 in Saint Johns.

The 43-year-old Holey faces two counts of assisted suicide.

Prosecutors say she supplied her son and daughter-in-law with painkillers and helped them find the abandoned Clinton County farmhouse where they tried to carry out their pact.

At the time, the couple was under investigation for a rape charge and had had their infant daughter removed by state authorities.

Holey's daughter-in-law survived and is expected to testify against Holey.

The hearing was delayed several months while Holey underwent a psychiatric evaluation.

Wednesday, Saint Johns District Judge Richard Wells agreed with the psychiatric evaluation, which said Holey is fit to stand trial.

If Holey is convicted, she would be the first person punished under Michigan's assisted suicide law.

The law was meant to stop Jack Kevorkian, but Kevorkian was eventually imprisoned on a second-degree murder conviction.