Lansing Drug Store Closing

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Brown's Drugstore in Lansing is closing down and downsizing. It's owner attributes the closing to the United Auto Worker/General Motors prescription drug plan that relies on filling prescriptions through mail order.

Jerrold Brown, owner of Brown's Pharmacy, says he's seen a 30 percent drop in business that he attributes to his customers that work for GM filling their prescriptions through the mail.

As a result, he's closing the store and must layoff about 20 workers.

Art Luna, president of UAW Local 602, says the plan was never intended to hurt local business and says the UAW isn't responsible ultimately for the closing.

He says the plan is a compromise between GM and the UAW to save health benefits for workers, and Brown's business was simply caught in the middle.

Luna calls it unfortunate and says the UAW is supportive of local business and works to save jobs and bring communities together.

Brown has another pharmacy in Portland that isn't as badly impacted by the plan.

He intends to keep his Portland store open.