Council Committee Proposes Police Consolidation

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Combining both police precincts and central headquarters could save the city of Lansing half a million dollars a year in rent. That is according to a council committee on rental properties. The committee turned the plan over to the Mayor at Monday's city council meeting.

The area officers’ patrol would stay the same, as would the structure of the department. Only the buildings would change if the mayor agrees with the suggestion to house all police staff in one central location. Council member Carol Wood says, in a tight economy this is something that could tip the scales one way or another. Lt. Bruce Ferguson, of the Lansing Police Department, says the department will do its part if it means saving the city money.

The concept of all in one isn't new to the force; the south precinct has only been operational since 1997, the north since 1998. The committee also proposed moving the Planning and Development Office, as well as the Parks Department if Police staff moves. The Mayor has until November to return a plan to council.