Sasser Worm Hits MSU

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A worldwide computer virus is infecting computers at Michigan State University. And computer experts and students say it couldn't have hit at a worse time. It's the start of finals week on campus, but now many students are spending hours getting rid of the Sasser virus, rather than studying.

The virus infected a large number of computers over the weekend and has continued to spread. Sasser spreads through a flaw in the Microsoft Windows operating system. Once inside the computer, the worm looks for other computers to infect over the Internet. The virus causes computers to continually shutdown and then reboot. But it can be fixed.

Experts say there are three simple steps to follow at the Microsoft website. They also recommend updating anti-virus software, and installing a firewall.

Click here to visit Microsoft's Web site for more details about the Sasser worm and what you should do if your computer has been infected.