Lansing City Council to Sort Through Mayor's Budget Balancing Proposals

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Paving roads could be put off for another year, fees could be increased, and some police and firefighter positions could be kept vacant. Those are all suggestions made by Mayor Tony Benavides to help balance the city's budget.

The City Council will address his ideas later this week.

Also proposed is a $1.6 million dip into the rainy day fund even though $2 million was taken out of reserve last year. Benavides announced the idea in March saying it concerned him, but there's no other way to get the money since the city may be looking at another deficit next year.

Later this week the council will start sorting through his recommendations. Council Member At Large, Carol Wood, says the council will be looking seriously at everything, everything from the structure of the $107 million budget to a recommendation from the Ad Hoc Committee on Rental Properties.

At Monday's meeting, the committee will suggest combining the Lansing Police Department's North and South Precincts and Central Administration. It's a move that could save the city a half of a million dollars a year. It's not one of the Mayor's proposals, but it's one the committee says should be considered.