Computer Game Teaches Food Facts

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Eating right and doing it on a budget can be a difficult task, but Michigan State University has made learning how fun. A new computer game called "The Fantastic Food Challenge" is designed to motivate young adults to learn about nutrition.

It is targeted towards low-income families and young adults. The game teaches food safety, preparation and how to compare prices. Designers say the graphics have "George Jetson-kind of look," and the games were inspired by other games such as Yahtzee and "The Price is Right."

Educators say learning should be fun. The four different games found on "The Fabulous Food Challenge" CD-ROM are "The Great Meal Deal," "Store it Safely," "What Can you Make?," and "The Price Makes Sense." The game is available from MSU Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences. The cost is $4.00, and for more information, call 517.353.9102.