Shooting on Lansing's Southside Leaves a Police Officer Injured

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A Lansing Police Officer is in surgery after being shot Thursday night while responding to a call on Lansing's Southside. It happened around 10:30 p.m., near the town home complex Traditions, on the 800 block of West Edgewood Blvd.

Two officers were called to a break-in in progress and when the first officer got to the scene, he saw two men running away. Lt. Bruce Ferguson says one of the men apparently shot at the officer, and he fired back. Both men were taken to a local hospital. The officer, who was shot several times, is expected to survive. No word yet on the condition of the man shot by the officer.

Edgewood Blvd. was shut down for approximately four hours after the shooting occurred, but it has since re-opened.