Rebuilding Together

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On a beautiful Saturday, more than 300 people across Ingham County volunteered their time repairing the homes of low-income seniors and disabled homeowners. It's part of a nationwide project called Rebuilding Together.

"I didn't expect all this free, and it's really surprising. It really makes you have a good feeling that there are good people out there," says Dortha Pierce.

At the 77-year-old's home, in Lansing, a group from St. Luke Lutheran Church got to work on building a deck.

"She just wanted to have something that was an improvement over the porch that she had, maybe with enough room to have a chair sitting out here and also with some kind of stairwell so she can get up and down more easily," says volunteer Elizabeth Witt.

Just minutes away another another group of volunteers worked on 82-year-old Ray Haga's home.

"We're doing some electrical [work], we're replacing doors and a window. There will be some work done on the roof," explains volunteer Carol Johnson.

"He's thrilled. He's thrilled because he doesn't want to leave the house, but the roof leaked and the window leaked and the doors were bad," says Haga's daughter Patsy Williams.

"All of our funds are donated by local businesses and individuals," says volunteer Jason Murton.

During the one day event, roughly 20 homes out of about 50 candidate homes were chosen for repair.

"Major construction is not something we can tackle in one day. We have to say no to a lot of places that need a lot of work but we're not able to physically do it in one day," he says.

Still there's always next year. For more information on applying for next year's project contact Rebuilding Together Ingham County at (517) 244-1118.

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