Women "Betrayed" by Accused Cancer Faker

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"I went home and I cried for her and her children," a former patient of Jean Anne Allen says, "and now I just cry for her children because she put them through this."

This woman, who's asked not to be identified, was a patient at the Medical Weight Loss Clinic where Jean Anne Allen was a medical assistant.

Allen was charged Thursday with obtaining nearly $20,000 in donations on the false pretenses, she had cancer. Investigators say medical records don't mention cancer.
"I don't know how any mother could let her children believe she is dying so they could make a dollar," the patient says.

She asks that question with special perspective. She's a cancer survivor.

She says Allen told her she had terminal liver cancer. She asked often about her health--her therapies. She gave money many times at the clinic where they had products for sale to benefit Allen. They also organized a spaghetti fundraiser at the high school.

Anitra Hotchkiss, who worked there, gave more than just money. She was tested and prepared to donate part of her liver.

"If that was her hope for survival, why not? Why not try?," Hotchkiss told us.

She says Allen kept delaying the final stages of that process. It was part of the reason she and others came to suspect her cancer might be lie.

"There's a lot that never made sense and now it just fits together like a puzzle," Hotchkiss says.

Allen faces 5 years in prison and as much as nearly $60,000 in fines. She is out on bond, but declined (through her husband) to speak with us. Her attorney was not available to comment.

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