Jackson Neighborhood Outraged with Local Power Company

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"That's a cheap getaway," said local resident Sam Jackson. "I mean, I lost my job!"

Neighbors in Jackson react to the power outage that led to a supposed surge. That surge left the Atchinson family without heat.

"I've never seen anything like this," said resident Brenda Atchinson. "We're hopeless unless we've got the money to buy a brand new furnace or brand new motor."

Consumers Energy refused to speak on camera. A representative told us over the phone that the information is confidential. The company told neighbors Monday's incident was a power outage-- not a surge.

"We've had trees fall and everything else with the electricity going out, and it just goes out...electricity comes back on, and your stuff comes back on. This stuff wasn't coming back on," said neighborhood resident Stacy Elliott.

Some neighbors did say Consumers Energy has contacted them, and is offering some type of a small compensation. $250.

"Why should we have to go out and replace new stuff? There's no reason for it," said Elliott.

Others agree with her.

Nick Wolf lost a computer, DVDs players and expensive lights in fish tank.

"It's just a slap in the face," Wolf said. "She was going to give me a customer satisfaction sort of resort of $250 when the price is up to like, $1700."

"250? That's chump change," said Jackson. "For them to make us try to be quiet about it, that's pretty bad."

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