Schools React to Potential Budget Cuts

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"We're sitting here like every other school district, waiting for the legislation to solve this problem," said Grand Ledge's Director of Administrative Services Steve Krumm.

The reaction to the news that Governor Granholm will notify school districts their funding will be cut by $125 per pupil was not recepted well.

"The pro-ration cut would be $675,000 for us if it is $125 per student," Krumm said. "We're 90% through our school year and our dollars are in-cumbered already through the end of the school year."

The Grand Ledge School District is planning to cut money from next year's budget to help out for this year.

The Eaton Rapids School District on the other hand, is trying something else.

"For us, the calculation that I did this morning base upon $125 a student would take our savings account or what the schools call their 'fund equity' and wipe out 80%," said Eaton Rapids Superintendent William DeFrance.

DeFrance has always tried to keep his staff involved with the numbers, and e-mails them daily with the latest. The only problem-- that number has changed so much that they don't know what to do believe.

"My guess is that that number is going to change again, so that's the number today," said DeFrance.

It could change, if the state legislature is able to come to some sort of agreement. But with the looming higher taxes for this fiscal year, that remains to be seen.

"What we've gotta do is be able to weather that this year, and then plan for next year," DeFrance said.

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