72-year-old Thwarts 275 Pound Pickpocket

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When a Grosse Pointe man felt a hand in his pocket he used his cane to fight off the pickpocket.

Chet Dunham, 72, had just finished breakfast and was walking up the street .. when Jeffery Jones approached.

Dunham's aluminum cane scared off the 5'10", 275 pound pickpocket. In the video, Jones backs away, saying he was just kidding.

"And I'm just waiting to see if he comes back at me to attack me," said Dunham, "And when I see his feet are planted I decide, 'I've gotta get out of there and get help.' I can't do anything with him."

Duham got help at a Bank of America branch, where a manger called the police.

Jones has been charged with attempted larceny from a person -- a 5-year felony.

He's behind bars on a five-thousand dollar bond.

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