Blackout Fries Appliances

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At the Atchinsons' house on Jackson's Union Street, the TV satellite box won't turn on, the stereo is dead, and the computer is broken too.

They describe a low hum in the house just before the power went out around 11a.m. Then, lights went dim, then bright, and there were popping noises.

Suzanne Krugielki was home when it happened. "I looked in my son's room and there's smoke coming from my son's TV," she says.

They lost two TVs, a printer, the oven, and the dryer as well.

Consumer Energy wouldn't talk with us on camera but would confirm an outage because of high winds on the street Monday at around 11 am. They won't confirm it was what the neighbors call a "surge"--but say if it was they'll handle their claims on a case-by-case basis.

Nearly every house on the block has something to claim. Consumers says use their customer service lines at 1-800-477-5050.

A surge protector is the best protection against damage in a surge.

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