High Gas Prices & Boat Sales

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Ron Thrun says on average his TrailBlazer fills up at about $50. So the thought of buying and paying for extra gas for a boat is out of the question.

"I wouldn't be able to afford it. You got to remember when you tow something the gas mileage goes down. So you're hit twice, twice as hard."

Joseph Medeiros agrees. Nowadays he pays double for the amount of gas he used to for his Grand Prix.

"You can always get a canoe or kayak where it's hand powered and have just as much fun."

Despite high gas prices, Krupas Boat Mart, of Jackson, says it really hasn't seen a decline in sales. There's just been a shift in the kind of boats being purchased.

"Pontoon business has been incredibly strong as well as fishing boats."

Charlie Bovee, of Krupas Boat Mart, says the prices of boats can range anywhere from $13,000 to $70,000 -- with pontoons on the lower scale. But it isn't just the price that's drawing people to the floating decks, it's the fuel economy.

"Sometimes 50 gallons will get them a whole summer, two tanks of fuel. It's amazing. People come and say, wow, I haven't hardly spent anything on fuel on the pontoon."

Still it is extra money spent. So for those thinking about making that big purchase, it comes down to whether it's worth the cost.

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