Vigil at MSU

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While most were donned in green in white for Friday night's vigil at 'the rock,' the MSU community was rooting for the maroon and orange.

"By having everyone wear their spartan colors, their green and white, we show that we're coming together to support them," said fourth year student Lauren Yono. " That when you look out in a sea of green and white, that everyone is there for Virginia Tech."

Students and staff, including President Simon, honored the students and staff at Virginia Tech through a candle light memorium. All it took was a single student to decide that she needed to do something.

"I have no ties to Virginia Tech," Yono said. "I just really felt passionate about making sure that they knew we cared."

After a date for the vigil was set, a lot of people wanted to help. Even t-shirts were donated for students to wear at the event.

"I was just thrilled that someone was doing something, because being so far away, there's so much and so very little I can do...but so much that I want to do," said MSU graduate student Sara Gubala. Gubala was raised in about 20 minutes from Blacksburg.

Yono decided the best spot to honor the fallen community-- was by looking to 'the rock.'

"The rock we decided was very symbolic on where our campus comes together for all different causes in everything," Yono added. "We figured this is the most, best symbolic place to come together."

"I'm just so happy this community has really poured out support for the Virginia Tech community, and for just anyone who's a hokie at large," said Gubala.

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