MSU Pet Survey

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"He's my best friend. He's my buddy."

Judy Lessard says she only feeds her eight-year -old dog Chewey top of the line food. But last month's recall of more than 100 brands, including higher-end products, has kept her on edge.

"Everytime I feed Chewey, even though the foods I feed him are not on the recall list, I do think about it everytime I do feed him."

"One question that has come up Is specifically which cases are involved with the pet food toxins and which ones are not?"

Dr. Dalen Agnew is part of a team of veterinarians at MSU directing a nationwide survey to determine the number of animals that may have fallen ill or have died due to contaminated pet food.

"There's animals that are unfortunately dying every day from kidney disease. And what we want to do is make sure when we're trying to figure out what the toxin is that we're only looking at the animal that died from this toxin and not the animal that may have died from anti-freeze poisoning."

The online survey is scheduled to last at least a month. It's designed specifically for pathologists and veterinarians who suspect a pet may have been affected by tainted food.

"For instance at MSU if an animal is ill they take urine as a normal part of medical work up and that is analyzed in diagnostic lab and those results would potentially go in the survey."

It's with hopes that pet owners will find comfort in knowing the truth.

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