Lifeguards are Back at Lake Lansing

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Lifeguards are back at Lake Lansing. Saturday was the first day they've been back on duty since nearly a year ago. That's when county commissioners voted to remove them due to budget cuts.

Guards didn't do much lifeguarding early Saturday after they spotted lightening in the area and told a few swimmers to get out of the water. County and park authorities scrambled to reinstate lifeguards at Lake Lansing after a boy nearly drowned there on the Fourth of July.

Officials are spending $20,000 on the guards. According to County Commissioner Curtis Hertel Jr., new guard chairs at the beach cost $5,000. Lake Lansing didn't have to purchase new lifeguarding materials because it some in storage.

Lake Lansing's staff of lifeguards is made up of some guards from other Ingham County Lakes including Hawk Island Park. According to park officials, beaches are now open less hours to accommodate everyone. The beach is open from noon to 8 p.m.