"Today, We are All Hokies"

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In times when you don't know what to say, pray--the priest said at a service at the St. Johns Student Parish in East Lansing Thursday night.

A candle was lit, and a bell rung for each of the 33 dead in Virginia.

The prays are personal for Harold Hughes who taught there for 13 years. His son still lives in Blacksburg.

It was personal also for Joao Mattos. He knew several Tech students from a community service trip he went on in Mexico.

"Just by being here I'm there with them in spirit," Mattos said.

For others, being here is about the realization Virginia's tragedy could have happened anywhere.

"That could have easily been Michigan State," Andrea Hanley, a MSU sophomore, said.

The parish will send cards attendees signed outside the service to a Catholic Church near in Blacksburg to let that suffering community know this community is praying for them.

There will be a candlelight vigil at the Rock on MSU Campus Friday at 6 pm. President Lou Anna K. Simon will speak at 6:30. Everyone is asked to wear green and white.

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