BB Gun Vandalism Hits Area

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Dinged doors, busted windows and broken glass: the tell-tale signs of BB gun fire. Since Monday, Grand Ledge, Lansing, Delta Township and Meridian Township have all reported major damage from BB guns. Perhaps the worst damage of them all was at an apartment complex off Okemos Road.

"A number of cars, some 20 cars, were damaged overnight at Club Meridian Apartments," says Sgt. Greg Frenger of the Meridian Township police.

Frenger says it's still unclear if all incidents are related, but each is cause for concern.

"If there are young people out there riding around with a BB gun, shooting up cars, we're afraid they'll hurt somebody in the process."

Gordon Love has lived at Club Meridian for 14 years and hopes these shootings are a fluke.

"It's just shocking because nothing like that happens around here," he says. "Hopefully it was a one-time thing."

What may have seemed like a practical joke is actually a very expensive crime. Replacing a cracked car window costs about $200. And getting rid of the dent in the side of the car door can run between $350 and $400.

"And when you're talking this many vehicles, the estimated total value of these incidents is about $6,000 in damage," Frenger says.

Damage, he adds, that's nearly unpreventable given the nature of the crime.

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