Reverse 911 System Getting Upgrade

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Reverse 911 is a calling system that can reach thousands of people with a prerecorded message in a matter of minutes.

But it only calls university numbers in buildings and dorm rooms. That's why MSU plans to expand it's program in an effort to reach more faculty and students.

"We are working to develop the programs so that people can opt into the Reverse 911 system on-campus utilizing their cell phones or text pagers," said MSU Police Lt. Susan Busnardo.

On Wednesday, the University tested its software, focusing on 1,400 numbers in Spartan Village.

"The system allows me to divide the university geographically into different sections," Busnardo added.

That process would be crucial if an incident were to take place on campus. Those immediately affected would be notified first.

"Sort of like a hazardous material situation where you have a hot zone where the center of the incident is and work your way out from there with our notifications," Busnardo said.

Keith Lindsay lives in Spartan Village and was among those called. He says the program helps to inform students of what to do next.

"The recording was pretty brief and straight to the point," he said. "It was telling me about the emergency procedure. It seemed like a good test."

A test that will now be able to inform students and faculty at a much faster rate. Those interested in the new cell phone technology will be able to register for the program within the next two weeks.

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