Indicted Senator Proclaims Innocence

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Democratic State Senator Jim Barcia (D-Saginaw) was on the job today in the Michigan Senate after being indicted by a Federal Grand Jury last week on campaign money laundering charges.

Barcia spoke to the GOP and democratic caucuses behind closed doors where he got a standing ovation from the republicans. He then took to the senate microphone to proclaim his innocence.

“I do, however, want the members of this body to know that I have not done anything to bring discredit to this body or to my record of public service. I am going to fulfill my duties to my constituents to the best of my ability while this process unfolds."

The senate GOP leader says given Barcia's clean record since he entered life in 1977, he was surprised at the allegations. "He has a right to be presumed innocent," says Sen. Ken Sikkema.