Snowy Weather Slowing Spring Businesses

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The snow Wednesday was wet, and it came down hard and fast. While it forced drivers to take their foot off the pedal, the snow was also wreaking havoc on local greens as well.

"It's absolutely a tease. It's baseball season and we're standing out here with a half inch of snow on the field, " said Assistant General Manager Nick Grueser of the Lansing Lugnuts.

Play for the Lugnuts was suspended again. It's the fourth time out of six games play has been called off due to weather, meaning the stands are empty.

"We haven't played a home regular season game yet. Tonight would have been our regular season home opener," said Grueser. "In order for us to play tomorrow, we'd have to get some rain tonight to melt the snow, and then get it to warm up a little bit."

While it could take a while to clear the outfield, a local greenery was doing some clearing of their own. The parking lot.

"You know what they say," said Sales Manager Lisa Harkness of Van Atta's Nursery. "In Michigan, anything can happen. That looks pretty likely this Spring."

Van Atta's has seen slow sales due to the cold temps and new fallen snow. But they've been able to scale back what they get and when they get it, which is important with snow on the ground.

"Typically our distributors, especially with plant material, are pretty good about working with us...maybe bumping back ship dates if we need to," Harkness said.

That would include trees and shrubs. For plants already ordered-- the store has been forced to improvise a bit.

"We have to keep some of it under cover...typically, we have it out on display," Harkness added.

Van Atta's expects business to pick up once the snow melts. The Lugnuts may need some help. They're scheduled to play Thursday night.

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