Jackson Drug Teams Keeping Busy

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Drug task forces in Jackson County are keeping busy these past few weeks but authorities say that's not uncommon. Tuesday night's bust in Tompkins Township is the latest in a slew of raids aimed at cleaning up the county's drug problem.

Charged in Tuesday's bust were 38-year-old James Lance Burdick and 31-year-old Lynn Ellen Jones. Both face five year felonies. Undersheriff Thomas Finco says these types of busts are common for spring as many begin growing plants indoors.

"A typical marijuana plant may be about 10 to 12 feet high. They'll plant them inside this time of year and ultimately move them to a field some place to continue the growth."

Twenty-five plants were seized along with growing lamps in the Tompkins raid. Each plant about two feet tall, a typical size for this time of year. The Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team or J-Net originally went to the home on a warrant from a previous incident.

"J-Net did obtain a search warrant and subsequently found not one growing operation, but two. As well as Meth components and a partial lab," Finco said.

The plants were estimated at about $20,000 street value, but that's not all that was found. Methamphetamine materials such as chemicals and beakers were also discovered. Finco says many of these alleged drug growers are coming over from Detroit because they're facing too much competition to sell.

"The last several years we've seen a lot of people come from the east part of the state to set up shop," Finco said.

Finco says it's extremely difficult to catch these home growers during spring and encourages anyone with information about a drug house to contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

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