Lansing’s Housing Plan

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The City of Lansing plans to use $4.5 million worth of federal funding to refurbish and help build homes in Lansing. But those applying for refurbishment grants may expect to wait for results.

The federal funding will result in the refurbishment of 70 homes, many located on Lansing’s Baker Street.

The refurbishment is available to homeowners in the middle to low-income bracket.

But Judy Gardi, Community Development Agent overseeing the application process, says some may wait up to 18 months for refurbishment.

Gardi says there’s a high demand for those applying for the community development block grant that helps in refurbishment.

Many people who are applying for the grant hope to bring their homes up to proper housing code.

Lansing officials say the funding will help to encourage homeownership and help to stabilize neighborhoods.