E.L. Parade Honors Spartan Icers

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With the fight song providing the marching music, alumni, dignitaries and students made their way through downtown East Lansing to Munn Ice Arena.

Among the marchers: a man who was in just about the same spot 21 years ago.

"We never gave up on them," Bill Long said.

Long was there for the parade in 1986 after the Spartan icers won their last championship.

"It was just a great feeling back then and this is even a better feeling," he said. "Every one is the best one."

Back in '86, most of the players were infants if they'd be born at all. Today, they're continuing their team's legacy and serving as role models for some younger players like Sam Linebaugh.

"We had a big party we were all excited that they won," Linebaugh said.

A small but boisterous crowd stood streetside to watch it all. There could well have been some fairweather fans there -- folks who didn't get excited about MSU hockey until the team made the Frozen Four.

Mike Cousins isn't one of them.

"Lerg dominated," he said. "I hope we can repeat it next year."

And therein lies the one downside, if you can call it that, to the NCAA championship for fans like Mindy Morgan.

"The tickets were kind of scarce in the first place," she said. "Now, I think they're going to be very scarce."

Tickets made scarce by a championship season.

"We're going to have a lot of good memories," Long said. "For a lot of good years to come."

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