Delta Library

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"I call us the best kept secret in Delta Township right now," Cherry Hamrick, library director says of the building she runs.

Tucked away on a residential street off Saginaw highway, it's the elementary school she attended, refitted as a library.

"Our public computers are full almost every minute of the day and we could have twice as many and it wouldn't be enough," she says. "Everytime we get a book we almost have to take a book off."

She shows off an office that once was a closet, and bathrooms that were designed for elementary students--too small for adults.

Thanks to a millage passed in November--the wheels are turning--finally--to move. Tuesday, Delta Township opened the contractors' bids for a library six times the size of the old one, set to be built on Elmwood near the Lansing Mall. It should cost about about 8 million dollars and groundbreaking should begin in May.

It'll have separate wings for kids and adults, a scenic reading area, wireless access, a community center, and a historical room. It should be, Hamrick says, remarkable.

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