Plans For Gym Causing Stir In Lansing

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"I think it's outrageous."

That's the reaction of Michigan Democrtic Party Chair Mark Brewer when he heard of the Attorney General's plan to build a gym at his Lansing headquarters.

"It's a question of priorities," Brewer said. "He's laying off people in his department who are supposed to prosecute criminals and enforce the law. Instead of that happening, we're paying for his personal gym."

Attorney General Mike Cox recently laid off 21 employees in an effort to trim his budget. Democrats claim Cox is now using part of that state money to build the gym, but Cox's spokesman says that's not true.

"All of this is going to be paid for with privatized funds," said spokesman Rusty Hills.

The work out facility would cost about $50,000 with construction taking place on the 1st floor of the Attorney General's office. The gym would be primarily used for 37 investigators who are constantly out on the street in an effort to apprehend criminals.

Hills says the gym will assist in that goal.

"They're arresting internet criminals, cold case homicides, dead-beat parents. In tough situations, we want to make sure our investogators are in better shape than the criminals they're chasing."

Hills tells us part of the funding comes from $29,000 left over from this year's inauguration and the rest from private donations.

"We don't think twice about paying for law books in libraries for lawyers to defend the state. Why would we think twice about weights and workout facilities for our investigators who are also protecting michigan's citizens," Hills asked.

Still, opponents say the investigators should use Lansing gyms and pay for the memberships out of their own pockets.

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