Michigan Troops Among Possible Second Deployment

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The Pentagon announced four brigades were alerted they could return overseas. They are the Army National Guard's 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, based in Little Rock, Ark.; 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Oklahoma City; the 76th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Indianapolis; and the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Columbus, Ohio.,

The 37th from Columbus includes two battalions based in Michigan--the 125th Bnfantry Battalion based in Flint, and the 126th Calvary Battalion based in Wyoming.

Since September 11th, those units have been in Cuba, the Sinai, and in Iraq.

Thousands of the 13,000 soldiers put on notice have been overseas in the past few years. Until recently, the rule was 5 years between National Guard deployments.

Major Dawn Dancer, a spokesperson for the Michigan National Guard says of the soldiers alerted, it could be a handful or hundreds who are called up.

The pentagon says these troops will be part of a regular troop rotation, and not linked to the troop surge underway in Baghdad right now. Units would begin deploying in December--and continue into 2008.

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