New Study: Soft Drinks Cause Weight Gain and Obesity in Children

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A yearlong study in England, called 'Ditch the Fizz,' found the less soft drinks your child drinks at school, the less he or she will weigh. Close to 700 students, age seven to 11, participated in the study. There was a 7.5 percent increase in the number of overweight or obese children in the group that continued drinking soft drinks. In the group that stopped drinking soft drinks, a 0.2 percent decrease.

State Senator Virg Bernero, an advocate for healthy schools, says he's not surprised by the findings. Bernero says he's delighted with the results of the study and for the first time we're focusing on reality.

Something that goes hand in hand with drink choices at school is food. Bernero worries that kids aren't getting the right choices in food either, therefore, they go for the junk food instead of a healthy alternative. Eighth graders from Riddle Middle Magnet School weighed in on the topic while they were at the Capitol Friday.

Yol Chadak says kids should get a chance to pick what food they will be served in school instead of just serving food they think kids will like.

Kaytelynne Dubey says the topic should be left alone until schools start offering better, more nutritional food.