Fit Foods

You may act your age, but do you eat like it? If you're still into the foods you loved as a kid, it may be time to trade in those tater tots for a healthier adult alternative. And now that you're older, a child-like diet could leave those fish sticks "sticking" to your sides and those extra large hot dogs making you look, well, extra large.

Registered dietitian Dr. Shirley Kindrick is taking us aisle by aisle and teaching us how to make the switch to sophistication. Soy burgers, for example, are more like the real thing nowadays. Plus, the protein lowers your risk for prostate cancer and heart disease.

You'll find other heart-healthy, high fiber foods in the produce aisle. The darker the better, so go ahead and color your crisper. With kiwis for vitamin C and broccoli for DNA damage control. It's definitely the veggie former smokers will want to crunch for carcinogen breakdown. And to keep from going blind, keep an "eye" on these magnesium and vitamin k rich greens. A dark brew can be good for you, too. Keep your heart nice and "stout" with a glass a day. But remember, moderation is key.

Your diet should be well balanced, with some whole-grain cereals for your colon and even some sardines to keep your brainpower boosted. Who knows? They might even help you eat smarter as you get older. No matter your age, it's never too late to learn how to fuel your body with the fittest foods.

Cherries are as capable for relieving pain as aspirin. Dr. Kindrick says eating the right foods can save you tons of money on medication by providing the vitamins and minerals you need without the side effects.