Winter in Spring

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Temperatures hovering in the high 20's didn't stop kids from Easter egg hunting at the Capitol Saturday. Although numbers were far lower than the thousand expected.

"We're guestimating between 300-400 and we usually have our crowd here a lot earlier than expected," says organizer Carrie May.

The icy blast is also affecting the numbers of one local business as well.

"There's no question that once the weather drops down into the 30's, people are having a hard time thinking about planting outside."

Lisa Harkness of Van Atta's Greenhouse and Flower Shop says the return of winter weather has slowed down business.

"Where people were thinking pansies and maybe potting pansies outside last week, you're definitely not going to want to do that this week."

With new shipments arriving daily work at the nursery has become labor intensive.

"These are things that haven't maybe experienced real cold temperatures yet. So where we had those on display, we've had to move them all into different greenhouses and hoops to protect them from this real cold weather."

Weather, Harkness says, isn't surprising anymore.

"It's been a weird winter, a weird spring, you know we had such a mild winter for so long and then it got bitterly cold and then it was so warm."

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