Neighbors Say Shooting Victims Were Fighting

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Police are still trying to figure out who fired the gun that left one woman dead and her mother in intensive care. Both women, Sarina Ganser, 22, and Carol Ackels, 40, suffered two gunshot wounds to the chest Thursday evening. Friends of the victims say the two had been fighting for several months.

People who know the shooting victims say the two lived together their entire lives until recently. Several months ago, Ganser bought the house on Stabler Street - where the two were living - and she was planning to evict her mother the day both women were shot.

Neighbors say Ackels may have been trying to move out of the house when the two got in a fight. According to friends, she hadn't been to the Stabler Street house for several months. They say she had been living with her boyfriend because Ganser had filed a Personal Protection Order against her.

Police are planning to question Ackels when she recovers, and they are also waiting for Ganser's autopsy results to determine whether alcohol was a factor in the shooting.