Lansing Shooting Leaves One Dead, Three Injured

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An 18-year-old man from the Chicago area is dead, and one woman and two other men are injured after Sunday morning's shooting in downtown Lansing.

Lt. Bruce Ferguson of the Lansing Police says many witnesses have been interviewed, but they still need to talk to more people. Police say the four people involved may have been attending an event at the Lansing center and around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, they were shot in a parking lot on Michigan Avenue. The lot is located across the street from Oldsmobile Park.

Rodney Adway, a security guard on duty at the Lansing Center, says he heard the shots and saw police running down the street. Matthew Brown, a Lansing resident who lives nearby, says lots of people were trying to get out of the parking lot, but the police came and closed off the area.

There are no suspects yet, and it’s not known if there's a connection between any of the four shot or if they knew the person behind the gun. If you have any information, please contact Lansing Police at 483-4591.