State to Increase Monitoring at Gas Stations

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The Michigan Department of Agriculture will be increasing surprise inspections at gas stations across the state because of increasing gas prices and more travel during the summer months.

The state tests for a number of things, including octane levels, quantity, and water percentages in the gasoline. The state says it wants to make sure customers are getting what they pay for. But they also want to ensure there is no incentive for price gouging.

The Ag. Dept. plans in increasing inspections by 20-percent from now until Labor Day. There are 5,100 gas stations in the state, and last year, 1,700 were inspected. Michigan ranks seventh in the country for gas purchased.

And while officials say it is rare they find gas stations in violation of state regulations, consumers are encouraged to call 1-800-MDA-FUEL if they suspect they have been getting bad gasoline.