Big Change to Girls Sports in Michigan

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The greens and tee boxes are set, and the girls golf season is in full swing. With a move from the Spring season to Fall, the girls will be teeing off the greens a lot sooner.

After the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal Monday from the Michigan High School Athletic Association, girls basketball, golf and volleyball will be switching seasons.

"Kids are now going to have to make choices that are extremely difficult, and we're hopeful they'll still be able to participate in sports they like. It may be at a club level," said Athletic Director Sam Davis, who is in charge of Lansing Public Schools.

It was possible that an athlete could play three different sports in one season before the ruling. But that will no longer be the case, creating a tough choice for some students.

At a news conference, John "Jack" Roberts, the Executive Director of the MHSAA, expressed his remorse.

"Ninth grade, tenth grade, eleventh grade...suddenly twelfth grade, they cannot play two sports or three that they had in mind. For them, I feel the worst."

But it isn't only the student athlete that will have to make a choice.

"Right now I have my jv girls coach, who is also my freshman boys coach, so he'll have definite choices to make," said Athletic Director Jenny Chaney of Lansing Catholic.

As for the final result, Roberts expects students to act the right way.

He concluded by saying, "Sometimes you win when you deserve to lose...sometimes you deserve to lose when you win. But in either case-- accepting the result gracefully is what we expect of our student athletes."

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