Oldsmobile Park Renovations

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At Oldsmobile Park, preparations are underway for the Lansing Lugnuts first official game of the 2007 season. If things seem slightly different than before - well, that's because renovations have been ongoing for more than six months.

"The seats had faded and started to fall apart. There were certainly some of those things that were necessary, but key to it is keeping people feeling like the ballpark is on the cutting edge," says Scott Keith of the Lansing Entertainment & Public Facilities Authority.

Not only were the stadium seats replaced with larger ones, but a new lighting and sound system were also installed.

"If you were ever here on a night game, the lighting on the concourse level was above average. But we wanted to try and dress it up a bit, make it a little more aesthetic but also improve the amount of lighting," explains Keith.

Says Lugnuts General Manager Patrick Day, "The way I like to compare it is, it's just like a house. If people are going to come and be our guest inside of this house, right here, we want it to be as clean as possible and as enjoyable as possible."

About two million dollars went into phase one of the renovations. Phase two is scheduled towards the end of the season and will cost about half of that.

"There'll be improvements to the restrooms. There will be improvements to the fencing on the side of the stadium," says Keith.

Improvements intended to keep baseball fans coming back season after season.

The Lugnuts play MSU Tuesday in an exhibition game. Thursday the team plays the Fort Wayne Wizards in the official season opener.

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