Community Responds to Abandoned Horses

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This is the face of one of 69 abandoned horses at Turn Three Ranch in Grass Lake. Some so undernourished their bones can be seen clearly.
But thanks to overwhelming donations from the community - the future looks more promising for them.

"I've probably tried to field over 100 phone calls in the last 24 hours. People willing to donate anything from farmers with large quantities of hay willing to bring us large quantities of hay," says Laura Steenrod of Leelanau Horse Rescue.

However the primary concern at this time is monetary donations.

"What the financial donation enables us to do is enables us to once something does get filled we can move on to the next thing instead of putting out there we need vet wrap and end up with 200-300 rolls of vet wrap."

The horse ranch was taken into the custody of Jackson County Animal control a little more than two weeks ago after a dead horse was found.
It's estimated the horses had not been fed or watered properly since last fall.

"The survival rate right now is pretty good. There's still exceptions when we start treating such as worming them can cause adverse reactions," says Kim Luce of Jackson County Animal Control.

Currently 30 mares are pregnant. But the outcome for the foals is not as good.

"We're hoping for 100 percent survival rate, but due to the fact that these horses have not received the right nutrition, the foals are going to be high risk."

While the cleanup effort has been ongoing for weeks, it's not expected to be finished any time soon.

"Basically these horses are living in a garbage dump," says Steenrod.

A dump, that for now, is home to 69 hopeful animals.

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