Prom Safety Initiative

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Tri-County Area Police are working together to make this a safe and sober prom season for local high schoolers. Police from all over Mid-Michigan announced a "Safe Prom Initiative" Monday. Their aim is to cut back on underage drinking and drinking and driving during prom.

To enforce drinking laws, police have partnered with local hotels, motels, and convenience stores. Police have made lists of the dates of school proms, and on those nights, officers will patrol hotels for drinking parties. Officers will also be enforcing ID laws at party stores, where underage drinkers may try to buy alcohol.

Area high schools are also participating. Prom tickets went on sale at Waverly High School Monday morning. Students receive a flyer telling about the prom initiative with every ticket purchased. Organizers say it's a good reminder to students to party sober.

Police are also recommending parents not book hotel rooms for their teens. And they say any adults buying alcohol for minors will be aggressively prosecuted.

Police say more than 2,300 children have died in alcohol-related crashes since 1997.