Local Iraq Reaction

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Last week's surge of violence in Iraq has political leaders from Michigan looking for answers. U.S. Senator Carl Levin and U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers both have recently returned home from a trip to Iraq.

More than 50 U.S. and coalition troops have been killed since last Monday and insurgents are threatening to kill a kidnapped civilian contractor from Mississippi unless U.S. Marines pull out of Fallujah.

Levin says coalition forces are taking aim at restoring security and stability throughout the region. Levin says the U.S. has made the mistake of not involving the international community and disbanding the Iraqi Army. He says we must avoid compounding mistakes.

Rogers returned home on Friday and says we are making great progress overseas. But says there are many challenges that lie ahead and the fight is nowhere near over.

Levin says the U.S. must not set dates for transferring power to the Iraqis. Right now a June 30 deadline has been set for this switch of power.

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