Lansing Police Arrest Six "Johns" In A Prostitution Sting

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Wednesday night, six men were put in cuffs, dragged to jail and had their cars confiscated as they solicited undercover cops they thought were prostitutes.

"We're working on drug houses, prostitutes, johns-- you name it," says Lt. Bruce Ferguson of the Lansing Police Department.

It was the first "John Sting" of the year for the Lansing Police. They say prostitution tarnishes the city and encourages other crime. Case in point? Police found crack cocaine, marijuana and hundreds of dollars in cash in some of the Johns' cars Wednesday night.

"It's the quality of life in neighborhoods we're focusing on," Ferguson says. "We want people to walk down the street and not be solicited for prostitutes."

Wednesday night's sting focused on areas like Kalamazoo Street and S. Washington Avenue, but Ferguson says the stings will be happening all over Lansing.

"We're out here. If you're going to solicit for prostitutes, it may be us. And you're going to go to jail, and you're going to lose your car."

Now that the weather is turning nice, police say more prostitutes will be out on the streets. So too will undercover officers looking for Johns.

"We're going to be doing more. We're not going to advertise when and where, but we will be out there," Ferguson says.

Councilwoman Carol Wood commends the police on these stings.

"These are not victimless crimes. They affect the person taking kids to day care at three in the afternoon and someone rolls up and asks them if they want a good time or not," she says, calling that "unacceptable."

Ferguson knows "John Stings" won't eliminate prostitution, but they'll make a marked improvement on city image and safety.

"Leave our city alone," he says. "If you have to do that, go somewhere else."

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