Suspected ID Theft May Be Worse Than Thought

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Capt. Juli Liebler of the East Lansing Police says, if she were a resident at Melrose Apartments in East Lansing, she would immediately check her credit report. Capt. Liebler also acknowledges co-signers for apartment leases such as parents and guardians may be at risk as well as current residents.

These are all precautions due in part to a former employee at Melrose Apartments allegedly stealing sensitive identity information from apartment applications and using them to take out student loans and receive credit cards fraudulently.

Twenty-two-year-old Denita Dorsey was arrested and recently arraigned in connection with charges related to identity theft.

The concern by East Lansing Police is potential victims may not only be current residents but the co-signers on the rental applications.

Many of those co-signers are resident’s parents, meaning the estimated $100,000 police say Dorsey stole may increase as investigators uncover new evidence.