Easter Services

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Father Mark Inglot, of the St. John's Student Parish, believes that hope has brought the masses to Easter Sunday Mass. Inglot says this is the day the Lord rose from the dead, and everyone is gathered to celebrate that hope.

There's always a crowd for Easter Sunday, but Inglot says this year was beyond anything he's every seen. He attributes that in part to the controversial move The Passion of the Christ, the movie that depicts the last 12 hours of the life of Jesus Christ.

Brad Mitchell, Senior Pastor at Trinity Church, says he's also seen an increase in his congregation since the film was released, but more people were attending even before the film came out. On this Easter Sunday, Mitchell is reflecting on the movie to help spread his message and to convey what the day represents. Mitchell says he wanted to be sure the rest of the story was told.

Inglot choose not to incorporate the movie into his sermon but to focus on the meaning behind it instead.