SAT Retakes

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Close to 200 students took the SAT March 27 at Sexton High School, and in a couple of weeks, they'll be taking it again.

Students say the test started late, the classrooms were crowded, and the counselor overseeing it was unprepared. Maria Liu, one of the students who took the SAT at Sexton High School, says it became more stressful and frustrating every minute she was taking the test.

After hearing from unhappy parents and students, the College Board, the group in charge of the SAT, decided Wednesday to throw out test scores and offer a retake for free. Students can take the SAT April 24 at Sexton High School or on one of the national testing days May 1 or June 5.

William Lynch, a parent, says he hopes the students can find a way to laugh about the incident and put it out of their minds during the next test.