Governor Issues Challenge To Save Education

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It's a message the Governor says is crucial to michigan's economic recovery.

"There is no route to economic success in michigan without an investment in education," she said.

While the Governor's executive order last week calls for cuts to higher education, she has refused to cut from K-12. The Republicans in the Senate say cutting $34 per student won't be too strenous on schools and is necessary to get the state back on track. They believe it shouldn't be exempt. The Governor disagrees.

"The cuts last week are not acceptable," Governor Granholm said.

But on Monday, she went a step further -- issuing a challenge to parents, students, and educators.

"For those of you who've already looked legislators in the eye and reminded them of the importance of education, I need you to do it again."

It's a challenge many have embraced.

"We need to do our job now," said Justin King, the Executive Director of the Michigan Association of School Boards. "We need to go back to our communities and not just talk to legistalors but to local governments as well."

Some leaders say mid-year cuts would be devastating. At $34 per pupil, Lansing would have to trim over half a million dollars by june. It's a cut Lansing's Superintendent says they won't make.

"How can you tell a parent or child or educator that we only have three more months of school and you're finished? We can't. So what do you do? You go into the red," Dr. E. Sharon Banks said.

And that would put Lansing even further in the hole. But Banks says schools have no other choice. As for the Governor, she says she'll continue to fight to avoid cuts.

"The cutting of public education takes us down a spiral to the bottom. It is a mindless cut."

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