Researchers say eight out of every 10 people will wake up wincing because of lower back pain sometime in their life, but some patients say a new exercise therapy is giving them relief from their back pain.

Gyrotonics is an exercise therapy that uses some of the elements of tai chi, gymnastics, and yoga.

Designed by a former Houston ballet dancer, it's now used in north Texas as a workout and rehabilitation. Some also use the one-on-one sessions for prevention.

Fans of gyrotonics say the exercises can strengthen areas like the spine while being easy on the joints, and doctors say the exercise can actually help relieve back pain.

Doctors from the Texas Back Institute say gyrotonics is effective because it works muscles on both sides of the body at the same time.

They also stress that people with back injuries should remain as active as possible, with some exceptions. Another positive side effect is an improved golf game.

Gyrotonic costs about $60 an hour.

If you're looking for a cheaper form of exercise, doctors say you can also work both sides of your body with activities like swimming and bicycling.